One Plus One

One plus one doesn’t always equal two. I’ve done the sums myself and I can see a great flaw in the mathematical equation taught from the moment we learn our 123’s.

No trick…I’m not the next Albert Einstein breaking down a rule of relativity held by men unquestioningly or untested. I’m just a young mum (ok, maybe not THAT young) who formed a hypothesis, tested a theory and has the evidence to prove it.

Here is my evidence: I am one person. I have only one brain, one heart and one soul. I have only one life to live and I will only have one physical death. I will only get one chance to kneel before the creator of heaven and earth, receive my once in eternity judgement and give account of my life.

Now, here is where the mathematical equation of one plus one equalling two fails. Almost 11 years ago I had another birth, that of a spiritual kind when I was born into a new family and received new life. From the moment I became a daughter to a King, my advocate Jesus Christ has been my plus one. He is with me when I sit up and rise. He is behind me and before me. Not even the uttermost parts of the sea would keep him from being my plus one. (Psalm 139). He is my constant companion.

In my powers of mathematical deduction, me plus Jesus Christ equals infinity. I can’t see it adding up any other way! There is nothing logical and sequential when you begin to understand Jesus. His plans and purposes for my life are nothing that I can plan, calculate and organise. I can’t simply do the sums and tick the boxes to have Him rule my life. Nor would I want to! His ways are higher than mine and His plans are greater than mine!

We can fall into the trap of thinking that if we do our one bible study a day, if we go to church once a week, if we do our one ministry then our spiritual life will balance with our secular life. There lies the danger. We are limiting the infinite with a number.

Imagine instead, if we lived seeking to be multiplied, to be greater than the sum of us. Imagine knowing that for all intents and purposes the maths doesn’t add up in our earthly brains yet we are being fulfilled. Somehow the provision is always there; somehow the impossible became possible.  Jesus can do that! He can and He wants to… with me… with you. So, I dare you to test my hypothesis, that if you add Jesus as your plus one, you will no longer equal two – your life will equal infinity.

Brooke Jackson


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