At our recent City Women Volunteers night, those who attended received a mug with the following vision on it:

What City Women is Fighting For: By 2020 we want to see in Toowoomba…

A significant decrease in sexualised advertising.

An increase of images and media that promote the value & worth of women.

A decrease in the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of females.

An increase in the value & worth of a human life.

A decrease in depression, suicide & eating disorders in females.

An increase in healthy attitudes and actions to one’s body.

A decrease in women dependant on drugs or life controlling issues.

An increase in women living with purpose, free from damaging outside sources.

A decrease in foster children.

An increase in families taking foster kids in.

A decrease in the number of women having abortions.

An increase in the awareness that life begins in the womb.

A decrease in absent ‘dads’.

An increased awareness of the importance of the role of a ‘dad’.

A decrease in lack of purpose and direction for one’s life.

An increase in understanding your giftings, passions and role in the community.

Will you join with me in praying that as the church of the city, we can make a difference in the above areas? The world into which Jesus was born, was a culture that did not value and dignify women. Women were second-rate citizens. But when Jesus came along He changed that. He said that women were equal; He began to speak value into women and heal them.

Now Jesus lives and moves through us, His church. If we are really being Jesus, life for women and girls should be changing in Toowoomba. When you read the above it can seem overwhelming, but we must remember that as we step out, nothing is impossible with God!!!

Letitia Shelton


One thought on “Vision

  1. Jesus didn’t say that women were equal. If anything it was the exact opposite! Women have only become “equal” in the past 30 odd years!! And Jebus had nothing to do with it! I have a daughter and I thought that this would be a good website for her to look around but it is clearly just a religious motivated site tha thas no message but to try and convert everybody to your own particluar beliefs. Why can’t there be a group in this town that tries to help and encourage women because they are women! Why does religion have to be involved???

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