We Can’t Stay Silent

This year has started off at a very fast pace. We have been very involved in the fight against the strip club. It’s vital that we enter into these battles and don’t just stay silent. I’m thankful for a piece that was in The Telegraph last Saturday, 16 February, which is included below. This is why we speak out and must continue to do so.

‘Community Rallies To Oppose LA Showgirls’

By Sean Quinn

‘TOOWOOMBA residents rallied on February 7 to show their continuing defiance against a LA Showgirls strip club in the CBD despite the club already been granted the necessary permits to operate. The meeting was held at the Salvation Army and was attended by Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts, Member for Toowoomba South John McVeigh and several councillors who also objected to the club. Mr Watts and Mr McVeigh outlined their own personal objections to the club, and explained to the crowd the best way go about the objection process. But when it was mentioned that moral objections would not be enough to stop the licencing for the club, several members of the audience said that was not fair. One member mentioned that most attendees were there purely on moral grounds, and because of their devotion to God’s law. Mr Watts said because of the way the legislation was written, moral objections can be voiced but it would be not enough to all together stop the approval for the club. The best way to prevent the strip club from opening would be to read the legislation and to show ways the club would be against the law. Residents have until February 19 to further object to the already approved club.’

Letitia Shelton