Death To Self

What does it take to see a cultural revolution in the magazines of our nation? More money?  Highly skilled people? The best resources? Those things could certainly help. At the end of the day though, the answer is a group of people who are willing to die to self and spend their lives for a greater cause. This means giving up our worldly pleasures and comforts. A revolution takes death! We love this diary entry by the editor of Bella Magazine, Liz Hamilton. Thanks for your honesty Liz!

Glory – Yours or His?   

September 2012

Father let my mind be shaped and reframed in and by you. Search me and help me to forgive those that I need to forgive.

God I am not the Queen Bee – you are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I do desire to bring you honour and glory.

I want so many things Lord like a new car, a new couch, clothes, a new house, well-dressed kids, a loving husband. Oh my heart so wants to bring myself some achievement, status and a decent pay cheque. Why does everybody else around me seem to be getting it all? My heart is so ugly and overwhelmed. I am such a slow learner. I want to die but not that kind of death. I really don’t want to die to self… Arr! But I still want you to move. Bringing glory to someone else requires me to come second or even last.

Lord, let this home reflect your glory. Let my children reflect you. Let my marriage reflect you. Let every inch of my body reflect you.

Psalms 24:7
Open up, O ancient gates and let The King of Glory come in. Who is this King of Glory. The Lord strong and mighty and invincible in battle. Yes open wide the gates and let the King of Glory come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Commander of all of Heaven’s armies.


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